Youfit Health Clubs, first founded in 2008, is a chain of American health and fitness clubs. The company has a focus on personal training and group fitness directed toward those who are seen more as casual gym users. The following will go in-depth about the company, using various Youfit reviews from members to come up with thorough ratings for the gym. Other than the user Youfit reviews, we looked to a number of different factors such as costs versus value, the customer service, cleanliness, and more to determine our ratings and overall recommendation.


Rating: 8/10

Currently, Youfit Health Clubs have more than 100 locations throughout 14 U.S. states. You can find these health clubs in Alabama, Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Mississippi, Rhode Island, Tennessee, Texas, and Virginia.

Most of their locations are in Arizona, Georgia, Florida, and Texas. Back in 2015 is when the company began expanding further north to open more gyms. Rhode Island, specifically North Providence, is home to their 100th location.

Enrollment Costs & Fees

Rating: 8/10

There are two types of memberships you can purchase for exercising at Youfit Health Clubs. The first one is the Standard Membership with an initiation fee of $19.00, a yearly fee of $39.99. Meanwhile, the 0 Down Lime Card Membership offers unlimited multi-club access to all Youfit locations, a month-to-month membership, a free fitness assessment, and a yearly fee of $39.99. However, it is important to mention that there are some fees related to canceling your membership, using their coaches, etc. So, it’s vital that you thoroughly read your policy.

Hygiene & Equipment Maintenance

Rating: 7/10

After going over numerous Youfit reviews, members seem to frequently mention the good availability of various equipment for different workouts in addition to appreciating the separation of the areas. In addition to that, members also mentioned how clean the facility and equipment was. On the other hand, other reviewers spoke about the faultiness of the electronics (e.g. screens on treadmills) and the inability of the gym to fix them. Meanwhile, it appears as though the maintenance and overall cleanliness can vary depending on the gym.

Locker Room & Showers

Rating: 8/10

Beyond members speaking about the general cleanliness of the gym, there are not that many comments about the locker rooms and showers. However, the company does note that the lockers are free and that their showers are kept clean. Some members have complained about the availability of the lockers though. They also speak about how some members lock empty lockers to save for later, something that is against policy yet employees don’t always enforce it.

Extra Amenities

Rating: 8/10

Due to the low membership costs, Youfit Health Clubs do not offer that many extra amenities. In general, you can see the following at select locations, like sauna and tanning with the Lime Card Membership, childcare from ages 1-12 with a 2-hour time limit per day. Also, there is a list of guidelines that must be followed if you want to make use of the childcare.

Customer Service

Rating: 7/10

There have been conflicting reports about the customer service from Youfit employees. Some members spoke highly about the coaches and friendly employees that greeted you when you came in. While others had some less than positive views about the coaches, claiming that they appeared disinterested. There appears to be more trouble when it comes to speaking with customer service representatives over the phone or with managers. Some have reported issues with canceling memberships and problems getting in touch with the right people while still being wrongfully charged.

Youfit Health Clubs Overview

Rating: 8/10

After looking over various Youfit reviews from members both past and present, this seems like a decent fitness club for the average or first-time gym-goers. However, it isn’t the place to go to if you are looking for a large number of amenities. There is nothing exactly fancy about the facilities; in fact, they appear to offer just enough to get in a decent workout.

Location 8/10
Enrollment Cost & Fees 8/10
Hygiene & Equipment Maintenance 7/10
Locker Rooms & Showers 8/10
Extra Amenities 8/10
Customer Service 7/10
Overview 8/10

Image Source: Youfit Health Club