Snap Fitness is a chain of popular gyms that has over 1,500 gyms located around the world. This company is popular because it lets people conveniently access the gym with a key at any time of the day. Snap Fitness is already affordable, but you can save even more money by taking advantage of the special Snap Fitness deals this gym offers. Read this article to find out more about all the great discounts and coupons Snap Fitness provides. With the right deals from Snap Fitness, you can end up enjoying their facilities without having to pay an excessive amount.

Snap Fitness Deals & Coupons

Compared to other budget gyms, Snap Fitness may be a little on the pricey side. However, their deals can easily lower Snap Fitness prices and membership fees to as low as $8 a month. If you stay at the gym for several months, you can end up saving over $100 thanks to special new member deals. People who are already members at the gym can save money on purchasing amenities by using special coupons.

Snap Fitness Deals

New Member Trial Deal One of Snap Fitness’ most popular deals is their trial membership for new customers. This is a temporary membership that you can sign up for by paying just $8.95. In addition to getting a few months of membership at this low price, you also get the Snap Fitness gym card for free and can continue your membership without paying an initiation fee. This deal lets you skip paying $49 in initiation fees and $20 for a club key, and then you get the first month or two at a very low monthly price.

Senior Deals Many clubs let seniors sign up for special exercise programs, and they also provide discounts on membership fees. Generally, seniors can get up to 50 percent off initiation fees and a five percent discount on monthly fees.

Military Discount  The amount of discount available to military members may change depending on which club you use. Most clubs offer at least 10 percent off your dues. Some clubs give discounts to active members, while others also provide veterans discounts.

Snap Fitness Coupons

Snap Fitness customers can save even more money by regularly checking for coupons. These coupons are normally only offered for a limited time, so you have to find and use them before they expire. Good places to check for coupons include, RetailMeNot, and Coupons for Snap Fitness typically involve free personal training sessions, free trials at the gym, or discounts on your membership.

Clicking on these coupons will redirect you to an area where you can redeem a coupon code. Snap Fitness normally only lets you use one coupon with each purchase that you make. Read the coupon carefully to find out which locations will accept it and figure out when the coupon expires.

Regular Costs of Snap Fitness Membership

Snap Fitness does change their prices a little bit depending on which gym you pick as your home gym, but they are cheaper than most gyms. People can pick a single, double, or family plan. After paying $49 in initiation fees, Snap Fitness requires members to pay $34 monthly for the single play, $59 monthly for the double plan, or $74 monthly for the family plan. This means that a single person would pay $419 each year in dues while a couple will pay $719 month a year and a family of up to five will pay $899 each year.