Keeping fit is an ongoing and enjoyable process, and on that requires that we engage in activities to keep us fit. The world can represent a fine gym in the form of running and various other calisthenic activities, but the weather doesn't always permit for outdoor exercise, and workout equipment takes up space and can get expensive. The obvious solution: the gym. In this article, we'll consider Powerhouse Gym, then see how it stacks up against the competition.

Powerhouse Gym represents a fine opportunity to lift weights, get on the treadmill and put in some miles, or to catch a fitness class. Read on for more information about what Powerhouse Gym has to offer to support your fitness goals.

What Is Powerhouse Gym?

Powerhouse Gym is a chain of gyms, in addition to being a noted brand name in fitness. Powerhouse has been a leading name in the fitness industry for over 4 decades, having celebrated the 40th anniversary of the chain in 2014 at the original location which is still standing. There are over 300 Powerhouse Gym licensees in 39 states and has also expanded into 17 countries across the world. The Powerhouse Gym name and logo lends to the gyms it adorns immediate recognition and credibility with the internationally registered trademark and service mark that is synonymous with quality in the health and fitness industry.

At the current time, Powerhouse has over 1.2 million members. These members stem from all walks of life, with the ongoing efforts and quality of Powerhouse Gym in the fitness industry drawing in mainstream consumers and fitness enthusiasts alike due to the service and quality associated with their locations. There are also a number of A-list celebrities who frequent Powerhouse, including Arnold Schwarzenegger, John Travolta, Mike Tyson, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, and Cameron Diaz.

The Powerhouse Mission

Powerhouse Gym at the moment is the fastest growing gym licensing organization on the planet. The locations distinguish themselves from the competition through the provision of an unparalleled and motivating atmosphere, in addition to knowledgeable staff and premier, premium exercise equipment. These resources support the goal of Powerhouse in assisting their members in achieving their personal fitness goals. The highest quality of customer service supports the Powerhouse Gym mission, with friendliness, individual pride, and company spirit at the forefront.

Product Specs

Powerhouse Gym is a chain of gyms that all meet the rigorous quality standards of the Powerhouse Gym brand. The features and specifications of each Powerhouse Gym may vary, but the quality of equipment and service will be up to the Powerhouse standard. The original facilities of Powerhouse set a new standard for the fitness industry, and the brand quickly expanded into the surrounding region, then out-of-state, and eventually to keep pace with growing demands, Powerhouse Gym established the licensing division that has supported the global expansion of the brand being witnessed today.

Beyond gyms and fitness facilities, Powerhouse also has extended its brand to sportswear and merchandise. Powerhouse sportswear has been worn by many professional athletes and celebrities, and has been featured in a variety of fitness publications, and even on television and in motion pictures. The brand signifies quality and the gyms upon which the brand has been affixed meet the standard. This means that the gyms will have all forms of exercise equipment ranging from free weights to resistance machines, in addition to treadmills, stepping machines, and other cardiovascular solutions.

Depending upon the location, your nearest Powerhouse Gym may sport a juice bar, retail store, and perhaps even a pool. The amenities available at each location vary although the presentation of a comprehensive gym environment with positive support from the well-trained staff is universal.


As with any gym, the pricing of Powerhouse Gym varies depending upon the formatting of the membership chosen. With an annual fee of around $30-40 and a monthly cost of about $30, 12-month memberships can be selected. A 24-month contract-based membership is also available, which generally have slightly lower monthly fees, and often have no initial start-up cost.

If a month-by-month option is chosen, there is often a 1-month initiation fee required at the outset; then months can be purchased as the client prefers from that point forward, with this costing generally $50-60. Walk-in visits are generally in the $10-15 range.

How It Compares

To see how Powerhouse Gym stacks up against the competition, we've selected three gyms to compare it to Golds Gym, Vasa Fitness, and Planet Fitness. Additional insight will be provided in terms of the culture of the gyms, and what individuals can expect when entering them. Each gym on the market will have a unique brand position that in turn will attract particular kinds of crowds. Knowing what kind of gym you prefer helps in making the choice in picking just the right gym for you.

  • Golds Gym
  • Vasa Fitness
  • Planet Fitness

Powerhouse Gym


Image via Powerhouse Gym website

The Powerhouse Gym brand is one of the leading gyms in the nation and offers state-of-the-art equipment, strong support staff, and personal trainers, and a motivating atmosphere. In terms of the culture of Powerhouse Gym, it is largely inviting to persons from all walks of life. Whether you are looking to engage in casual exercise on a treadmill, or competitive bodybuilding, Powerhouse Gym will have the equipment you need, and a welcoming atmosphere that isn't pushy yet is still accepting of strong effort and vigorous work.



Whether we're going for a single visit or joining for an entire year, the cost of Powerhouse Gym is highly competitive, with visits around $10-15 and monthly membership ranging from $30-60 depending upon the duration of the contract selected, if any.


The options available from Powerhouse Gym in terms of the contract are expansive and adaptable to your needs. Single location memberships can cost less per month while chain-wide memberships can cost more but allow you the freedom to visit gyms across the world. If you'd rather not sign a 12-month or a 24-month contract to achieve a lower rate, monthly membership or 3-month packages can be purchased for a slightly higher rate but allowing for greater freedom.


Powerhouse Gym locations offer a wide variety of fitness classes including indoor cycling, group circuit training, yoga, and other various group fitness classes. Refer to your nearest location to explore the options available to you today.


The amenities available at Powerhouse are complete, with full restroom facilities and showers in the locker rooms, and a retail store and juice bar to provide for your pre- or post-workout nutrition needs.


Powerhouse has locations across the world, many of which have extended hours, making this chain a positive choice in terms of convenience and flexibility.


Locations across the world

Full Amenities and advanced equipment

Competitive Pricing


Franchised so locations may vary

Golds Gym


Image via Golds Gym website

Golds Gym was one of the first gym chains to enter the United States, with the chain stating "We pioneered the industry in 1965. Now we're redefining it." The company engages in ongoing innovation to provide the most advanced fitness equipment, classes, and training available on the market. Golds Gym allows its members to engage in personalization and innovation to transform their lives through their training.

The culture at Golds Gym is welcoming to fitness enthusiasts, including bodybuilders and power-lifters. It may be a bit intimidating to a newcomer to the fitness industry given the level of advancement of many of the members, but is a positive experience for all.



The cost of Golds Gym is comparable to Powerhouse, with membership prices shifting depending upon the contract option chosen. Visit a location near you to discuss pricing options.


As with Planet Fitness, the contract options are variable and can be shifted to suit your needs and preferences.


Golds Gym offers a full array of fitness classes.


Golds Gym has a complete allotment of amenities.


Quite a few locations, but some close early


Top-level equipment

Excellent class selection


Shorter hours

Can be intimidating to newcomers

Vasa Fitness


Image via Vasa Fitness website

The mission of Vasa Fitness is outlined by their core purpose, which states "We exist to help people find happiness through physical and emotional health." The organization presents a supportive environment through which the clients can realize their fitness goals through supportive staff and extensive personal training. The gyms include extensive personal training options, in addition to cardio equipment, free weights, a fitness cinema, indoor pool, tanning beds, wet & dry saunas, hydro-massage beds, and even more.

The culture at Vasa Fitness is positive and supportive, as well as somewhat fashionable and trendy, and has a similar vibe to yoga studios. This gym may not be the best fit for the sweat pant wearing, gallon-of-water-toting power-lifter, although might be comfortable for bodybuilders.



The pricing begins at $9.95 per month, and ranges depending upon the duration of the contract and personal training options selected.


The options available to the user are variable and can be tailored to meet your needs.


The classes offered by Vasa Fitness are excellent and range from cardiovascular to circuit training.


The amenities offered by Vasa Fitness are unparalleled and include hydro-massage amongst other luxurious features.


Vasa Fitness provides the customers with a wide variety of options through which to achieve their fitness goals although the focus upon personal training may not be as necessary for those who are well-trained and have their routines.


Positive environment

Supportive staff


Lesser friendly to bodybuilders and power-lifters

Planet Fitness

planet fitness

Image via Planet Fitness website

Planet Fitness is a chain of gyms that are uniform in presentation and even color scheme. They provide a comprehensive suite of cardiovascular equipment and weights, in addition to personal training.

The Planet Fitness brand in terms of culture is unique from Golds Gym or Powerhouse Gym, each of which is friendly to bodybuilders and powerlifters. Planet Fitness is notorious as the "judgment-free zone," and in the gym, there is something called the "lunk alarm," with "lunk" defined under the alarm as "one who grunts, drops weights, or judges." Given that dropping weights is central to powerlifting, and judging is central to bodybuilding, Planet Fitness is not a friendly environment for athletes of these sports but is rather meant exclusively for the mainstream fitness community.



In terms of price, Planet Fitness is the most competitive of all the chains reviewed, costing just $10 each month at most locations, some of which have a low down-payment of $10-50, although many have ongoing promotions for zero-fee initiations into the chain.


Month-to-month memberships are available with Planet Fitness, often with no money down, and monthly fees of just $10 as mentioned above.


The classes offered by Planet Fitness locations vary, with some locations lacking in classes altogether, while other locations have extensive class offerings.


The amenities offered by Planet Fitness locations generally include a beverage refrigerator, and at times tanning, although juice bars and lounges are generally lacking.


There are quite a few Planet Fitness locations, and with many of the membership options, we may visit any location, and even take a free guest, with the hours also generally quite long.


$10/month option

Many locations


Fewer amenities

Not friendly to bodybuilders or power-lifters


Powerhouse Gym is highly competitive in the fitness industry, offering comprehensive fitness classes and training coupled with top-notch facilities. Whether you're looking to casually walk or violently life weights, Powerhouse Gym has a place for you.


Powerhouse Gym is a fine choice to meet our fitness needs, with competitive pricing and flexible membership options. For more information on gyms and their specials, check back to Fitness Membership Fee for more information and ongoing updates.

Featured image by Leon Martinez via Pexels.