At Planet Fitness, customers have access to a lot of basic cardio and weight training equipment. Since the gym’s target audience is mostly new gym-goers, they also offer free personal trainers who show customers how to use equipment and work with people to create fitness plans. Users get these amenities for just $10 to $20 a month, if interested, read here more about the gym’s facilities. If you want to save even more money on your Planet Fitness membership, you can try to get one of the discounts in this article. We will share details about all the Planet Fitness deals and coupons available.

Planet Fitness Deals & Coupons

Since Planet Fitness is already so affordable at just $10 to $20 a month, most of their deals are not based on lowering your monthly fees. Instead, coupons or discounts give customers the chance to get extra benefits or pay a reduced initiation fee when signing up. You may be able to save up to $40 on your gym membership if you get all the special deals at the right time. You can check here for the Planet Fitness hours of operations to know when you can visit the closest gym to you.

Planet Fitness Deals

Discounted Upgrades. Whenever Planet Fitness is having a sale, you can pick up a Black Card membership for the price of a basic membership. Having the Black Card membership means you get unlimited guest passes and multi-gym access. As well as use the tanning or massage chairs available at certain gyms.

Special Occasion Deals. During Black Friday sales, New Years events, or celebrations for reaching a milestone number of gyms, Planet Fitness will let people register for no initiation fee or a free membership for the rest of the year. These are normally only available for a limited time, so check your local club’s website regularly.

Black Card Deals. You can even save money on purchases outside of Planet Fitness. People with a Black Card from Planet Fitness get special codes that give them 15 to 30 percent off purchases from Reebok, New Balance, and other athletic stores.

Planet Fitness Coupons

People who are willing to do a little research before paying for things at Planet Fitness can save even more money with coupons. However, these limited time offers typically only work at specific locations. Popular coupons include discounts on items ordered from the Planet Fitness store, lower costs for initiation fees, or free shipping from online stores.

Also, you can frequently find Planet Fitness coupons at RetailMeNot,, and other coupon code sites. To use these types of coupons, you typically just need to click on the special offer to be redirected to an area of the Planet Fitness website where you can redeem the code.

Regular Costs of Planet Fitness Membership

Even without these deals, Planet Fitness has a very competitive pricing system. The most affordable membership option is the annual commitment plan that gives you access to a single gym for a $29 initiation fee and $10 a month or $120 a year. As for the other Planet Fitness prices, users can also get access to a single gym without committing to a contract by paying a $39 initiation fee and $15 a month or $180 a year fee. For extra perks and multi-gym access, customers can buy a Black Card membership for a $39 initiation fee and $20 a month or $240 a year fee. But in case you decide at any time that the Planet Fitness membership is not for you anymore you can see here how to get a cancellation form.