Have you heard of Orangetheory Fitness? If not, read this review to learn who they are (facilities, features and Orangetheory prices) and how their fitness classes help burn calories for up to 36 hours.

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If you want to lose weight and get in better shape, you may be thinking of joining a gym to take exercise classes or to work out on their equipment. However, selecting a gym can be daunting, especially if you have several options available to you. Among the choices in many cities is a new facility called Orangetheory Fitness.

How To Choose A Gym

Before learning more about Orangetheory, it is important to know how to choose the right gym for your needs, especially one that you’ll keep going to regularly. Before joining the first gym you come across in your local area, you should consider the:

  • Location
  • Gym Hours
  • Accessibility
  • Childcare Availability
  • Class Options
  • Facility Maintenance
  • Orangetheory Prices


For most people, it is important to find a gym that is close to their home or job. A convenient location increases the likelihood that they will work out after work or early in the morning before going to work. If you need to go out of the way to workout, then you may not go as often, which can quickly turn into not going at all.

Gym Hours

Along with a convenient location, the hours need to fit within your schedule as well. With a facility that is open 24 hours a day, this isn’t a problem. However, if the gym is only available from eight o’clock in the morning to midnight, then you need to fit going to the gym into your work, family, and social life.

Not everyone likes to workout at the same time or around crowds, so a gym with longer hours can fit better into your schedule. Then, you can go when you have the time or when there are classes that you wish to attend, such as aerobic or yoga classes.

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When getting a gym membership, it is important to find out what services and amenities are available to you. Some facilities with pools may not have access to them in a regular membership, or they may not include yoga or Zumba classes. Carefully read the facilities’ contract before signing it to find out what you’re paying for when joining a gym.

Childcare Availability

There are only so many hours in a day, and if you have small children at home, you may not be able to get away by yourself to workout. If this is the case or you and your partner like working out together, you may need a gym with childcare facilities. While many gyms offer them, others do not, so it is important to investigate your options before joining the first gym that is conveniently located for you.

Class Options

Many gyms only have the basic weightlifting and Nautilus equipment with which to work out. However, this may not be what you want if you like swimming or if you prefer to socialize with other members by taking an exercise class. Ask each gym about their workout options when looking for one that will meet your workout needs.

Facility Maintenance

Working out requires getting a little messy and sweaty, but you don’t want to walk into a gym that looks messy and smells like sweat. Ask to tour each facility that you’re considering a membership to, so you can see how well it is maintained.

Along with examining it for cleanliness, look to see how neatly the weights are stacked, and if all  their equipment is working. It’s important to join a facility that is taken care of because poorly maintained equipment can lead to injuries while you’re working out.

There are other factors to consider, such as your budget and whether personal trainers are available, but these six factors are some of the most important for many gym goers.

What Is Orangetheory Fitness And How Does It Work?

Orangetheory Fitness (OTF) is a privately held company based in Boca Raton, FL. Although it was founded in 2010 by David Long, who is the CEO, Ellen Latham, and Jeremy Kern, the company already has over 1,000 facilities nationwide.

OTF facilities provide hour-long workouts based on heart rate interval training. This training increases your heart rate and Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption or EPOC. The concept behind EPOC is that your body works at such a high intensity that it has an oxygen deficiency that it must replenish after working out.

The 60-minute workouts produce intensity levels with maximum heart rate (MRH) at 84 percent or better that last at least 12 minutes. It helps to create the “afterburn” or EPOC effect that leads to burning calories for up to 36 hours after workouts. Many people lose up to 500 to 1,000 calories per workout session.

The facility calculates the MRH for each member based on their age, weight, and height, and each 60-minute session contains five levels of effort or zones.

  • Zones 1 and 2 are for warmup and recovery.
  • Zone 3 includes 25 to 30-minute workouts to reach the “afterburn” state.
  • Zones 4 and 5 include 12 to 20-minute workouts to help maximum EPOC.

Some of the workouts involve using treadmills or bicycles and striders if clients have exercise restrictions, rowing machines, weight training, ab equipment workouts, and suspension training. You can check the Orangetheory prices at their website.

What Makes Orangetheory Fitness Unique

Unlike other gyms that allow members to choose a style of working out by taking various exercise classes, working out on their own or with a personal trainer, OTF designs workouts to help their clients get in better shape and burn calories.

Their workouts are intense and last for an hour to help reach the heart rate and oxygen deprivation level necessary to continuously burn calories for up to 36 hours after each session ends. They can also recommend clients in different physical conditions to take it easy during classes to build up their fitness levels.

Since they know each clients’ weight, height, and age, they encourage them to go at their own pace during the sessions. The classes help them safely achieve their goals to prevent injuries or medical issues for clients who may be overweight and out of shape.

Unless you're working with a personal trainer, most facilities do not measure your height or take your weight, and they let people workout at their own pace on whatever equipment that they wish to use or classes that they hope to attend.

Orangetheory Prices

Orangetheory prices on membership depends on the package that you purchase and where you live. However, everyone can try one introductory class at no charge to see if the workouts are for them. Also, the fitness studio does not have annual contracts, so you can purchase a package and never buy another one if you decide you don’t like the classes.

The cost for their Basic package is almost sixty dollars a month for four classes, the Elite package is about a hundred for eight classes, or you can choose a Premier package with unlimited ones for a hundred and sixty per month. If you want to purchase additional sessions once you have a Basic or Elite package, you will get a discount on them. On average, the extra classes are $28 per session.

In addition to the packages, clients must wear a heart monitor on the forearm or a chest strap during classes. They are available for rent for the forearm monitor and a chest strap. Clients can purchase their own at the studio.

If you travel for business or you're going to be on vacation, and there is an OTF nearby, you can use your package to attend classes at any location throughout the country. You can check out more Orangetheory prices at their website.

Public Perception Of Orangetheory Fitness

Although several review websites have written about OTF from the point of view of an outsider trying it for the first time, the best reviews on the fitness studio to read are from their customers. Sites like Yelp or Influenster are good resources if you want to really know what the public thinks about the fitness regimen the company teaches.

Since OTF has over 1,000 studios in the US, customers from around the country write reviews on Influenster and those curious about the franchise can ask questions to have customers answer them. Currently, out of 419 reviews, OTF has an approval rating of 4.74 out of five stars on this site.

People like Jen in Dyer, IN gave the facility 4 stars after attending it for over a month and a half. She said she is getting stronger and she has stuck with the studio, even though she rarely keeps using the same gym or doing the same workouts. However, she also said she understood why the price of OTF might be off-putting for some people.

Another reviewer, Ashton in Somerville, TN, said she lost 50 pounds since first attending the classes at OTF. The health benefits of exercise outweighs the Orangetheory prices. She likes that the classes are easy to follow and the friendships she has with some of the other clients. While some people think of Orangetheory prices as expensive, she still gave the facility five stars and admitted it could be costly but values her health, so she gladly pays the price for them. 

Yelp also features reviews from OTF clients, but instead of having all them on one page, you can search for a specific facility and read reviews from the people who go there. For instance, if you live in the Brentwood area of Los Angeles, then you can go to the OTF page in that area and read the reviews.

Out of five stars, 227 reviewers gave the Brentwood facility five stars. Along with their reviews, you can find out the address of the studio, see how to get there on a map, find out their hours of operation, and get information like whether they have parking, accept credit cards and if it is a good place for kids.

How It Compares

Most gyms offer workout equipment and classes that you can choose on your own to work out when you have time. However, OTF is different because their classes are all based around High-Intensity Interval Training or HIIT. The instructors of the classes guide you through them to make sure you're using the proper techniques to avoid injury and encourage people to work at their own pace.

You’re not left on your own to wander the facility without knowing what to do. The only thing similar to what they do at other facilities is to work with a personal trainer. A trainer works with clients to guide them through exercises to lose weight, build muscle, and get into better condition.

They make sure their clients know the proper exercise movements to avoid injuries and they don't put their health at risk by working out too hard. Orangetheory instructors also do the same things for their clients during classes. Clients always have a handle on what is going on. Instructors make sure they know the proper techniques and don’t push themselves too hard, especially if they are new to the workouts.

Since everyone is doing the same exercises at the same time, the clients build camaraderie with each other and encourage each other during classes. And Orangetheory prices is competitive to other gyms nearby. You can find a lot of reviews comparing Orangetheory prices to other gym memberships. This atmosphere keeps many people going back to the studio and the results also keep clients going back and bringing friends and family with them.

What We Think

If your goal is to get stronger, burn fat, and lose weight, then Orangetheory Fitness may be the right facility for you. Their exercises are based on science to help people burn calories hours after their workouts.

Unlike most gyms where you’re mostly on your own, OTF classes work with clients to make sure they use the right exercise form, are not working too hard for their fitness level, and the other clients encourage each other to do their best.

The results on your body will also speak for themselves. HIIT is a great way to get into and stay in shape no matter how much experience you have with exercising. While Orangetheory prices and their packages may seem expensive for some people, your health will benefit from getting stronger and burning the excess fat on your body.

We recommend trying OTF to find out if you like it because the first workout is free and there is no obligation to buy a package if the offerings are not the right fit for you.