Lifetime Fitness was originally a single luxury health and fitness club in Minnesota, but it quickly gained popularity in suburban areas. The gym now has hundreds of locations in moderately big cities and suburbs in the American Midwest. Lifetime Fitness gyms provide a mix of fitness, health, and wellbeing services. If you want to learn how all these locations measure up to other gym chains, keep reading this article. We will share our Lifetime Fitness reviews as well as let you know how we rank the gym’s membership fees, amenities, cleanliness, and customer service.


Rating: 8/10

Altogether, Lifetime Fitness has over 1,100 gyms throughout the United States and Canada. The majority of their locations are in Minnesota, Michigan, Texas, and other states in the interior of the United States, but most major cities along the coast also have a few of these gyms. Depending on the amenities available at each club, they can be bronze, gold, platinum, onyx, or diamond. Therefore, it is easy to figure out how big your local club is.

Enrollment Costs & Fees

Rating: 4/10

Lifetime Fitness’ reputation as an upscale club means that they tend to be a little pricey. You have to pay an initiation fee that may be up to $200, though clubs frequently offer discounted initiation fees as low as $20. Monthly costs are between $60.00 and $160 depending on which club you join. Fees are on a month by month basis, and the gym can raise your membership fees at any time. You do get some Lifetime Fitness deals or discounts if you have a dual, youth, or family membership, but a family of four can easily end up paying $180 a month.

Hygiene & Equipment Maintenance

Rating: 9/10

Our Lifetime Fitness reviews will share with you the fact that the gym has an excellent range of high-quality fitness equipment, including cardio machines, weight training machines, and free weights. There is enough equipment that you rarely have to wait to use it. Also, in the rare event that anything breaks down, the staff will quickly fix it. The great cleaning squad at Lifetime Fitness helps to keep all parts of the gym free from any grime or debris. Most guests are courteous enough to wipe down equipment after they use it, so the gym is great for neat freaks.

Locker Room & Showers

Rating: 10/10

The combination of above average hygiene and luxurious amenities makes the locker rooms and shower areas extremely enjoyable. All gym members can use these areas at no additional charge. In the locker room and shower area, the gym supplies you with towels, shaving supplies, soap, shampoo, and conditioner. The showers have hot water and plenty of privacy. The locker room has enough space that you will not feel crowded even when it is full of customers.

Extra Amenities

Rating: 10/10

Our Lifetime Fitness reviews highlight that depending on which gym you go to, you can exercise with activities like basketball, rock climbing, cycling, swimming, pilates, tennis, or yoga. All studio classes are free for members to join. If you have children, they can play in the gym’s pool or be entertained by the gym’s childcare staff members. When you finish exercising, you can eat at the gym’s cafe, relax at the spa, or get a makeover at the salon.

Customer Service

Rating: 8/10

Staff at Lifetime Fitness is normally well trained, so they can easily provide the information you need. Customer services are always courteous and prompt, so interacting with them is quite pleasant. The only issue with the gym’s customer service is that they can be a little overzealous. More introverted customers may feel pressured by the sales pitches of personal trainers and other employees. However, they will normally leave you alone if you let them know that you prefer to workout alone.

Lifetime Fitness Overview

Rating: 8/10

As you can see from our Lifetime Fitness reviews the only real downside to Lifetime Fitness is simply their expensive fees for joining and being a member. However, if you are willing to pay a premium amount for your gym membership you will have access to a lot of great services and fitness equipment. As well as to spa, salon, childcare, and restaurant services. Even during peak hours, the gym is typically clean, well-staffed, and filled with exercise opportunities.

Location 8/10
Enrollment Costs & Fees 4/10
Hygiene & Equipment Maintenance 9/10
Locker Rooms & Showers 10/10
Extra Amenities 10/10
Customer Service 8/10
Overview 8/10