Lifetime Fitness tends to have a reputation for being one of the most luxurious gyms since they provide amenities like salon services and restaurants in addition to all their exercise equipment. Therefore, it is no surprise that Lifetime Fitness prices may be slightly higher than other fitness centers in your area. In this article, you can find out the yearly and monthly cost for any of Lifetime Fitness’ membership programs. As well as learn the costs for special gym amenities. We will also let you know the details of how you can sign up for or pay for a membership at Lifetime Fitness.

Program Name Initiation Fee Monthly Price (All Access) Monthly Price (Single Access) Annual Price
Single Person Membership $189.00 $77.00 $924
Dual Person Membership $189.99 $127.00 $1,524

Lifetime Fitness Prices & Programs

The one or two-person membership options offered by Lifetime Fitness let you get access to a top of the line exercising equipment and an impressive amount of benefits. Your membership also allows you to access multiple clubs in your area. You can join the group classes, such as Yoga, Warrior Sculpting, or TEAM Burn. As well as use the pool and sports programs for no extra charge.

Depending on what your purchase, your spa prices may vary anywhere between $15 and $300 for services like haircuts or hour-long massages. Detox programs at the gym are normally $135 for a two-week program. A session with a personal trainer is generally between $50 and $100. Check out more of this gym’s amenities in our Lifetime Fitness reviews.

Keep in mind that Lifetime Fitness prices can vary a little depending on location. You can fill out an inquiry form on the company’s website to found out the costs for any specific gym. If you want to get a slightly more affordable gym membership, consider joining with another person. Adding an extra person to a family membership typically only requires you to pay an additional $12-$70 a month depending on the person’s age.

Lifetime Fitness Membership Info & Contact

To become a member of Lifetime Fitness, you will need to fill out an application form online or at one of their locations. Most of the gym’s locations are in Minnesota and Texas, but you can find them in most states in the USA if you want to join a Lifetime Fitness gym. Applicants must be at least 21 years of age to join by themselves or 12 years of age to get a youth membership with a guardian. After applying, guests will need to pay an initiation fee and provide their first and last month of gym dues. Payments can be made each month through the company’s online payment portal.

If you would like to learn more about becoming a Lifetime Fitness member, visit one of their locations or use these methods to get in touch with the company.

Info & Contact
Lifetime Fitness Website
Lifetime Fitness Working Hours 8 AM to 8 PM Monday through Friday
Phone Number 1-855-430-5433
Facebook Page