LA Fitness is a popular chain of gyms known for their many pools and sports fields available for nontraditional exercise. Though LA Fitness does have plenty of benefits, there may come a time when you want to cancel your membership. If you have decided that LA Fitness is not right for you, you can use this article to learn more about membership cancellation. We will guide you through the LA Fitness cancellation process and let you know more about the LA Fitness cancellation form and types of cancellation fees you may encounter.

LA Fitness Overview

At each one of the many facilities located throughout North America, customers can use cardio machines or weight lifting equipment. The gym also has more basketball courts, racquetball rooms, and other sports related exercise opportunities. LA Fitness does tend to have slightly higher prices due to all of their included services like classes and babysitting. When you first join, you can get a free consultation with a personal trainer who provides advice on how to reach your goals. You can choose to exercise on your own or pay an hourly fee to keep working with the LA Fitness trainers.

LA Fitness Membership Fee

Membership fees can vary a little depending on which location you join, but customers generally pay a $99 initiation fee when they join online. After joining, customers then pay $29.99 a month for multi-club access or $24.99 for single club access. People can also pay a little extra, at $34.99 per month, to use a premier plus location. With membership fees ranging from $299.88 to $419.88 per year, customers have access to all the services at the gym.

LA Fitness Cancellation Process

LA Fitness members can cancel by visiting the gym or mailing a letter. To cancel in person, visit the gym’s front desk and ask for an LA Fitness cancellation form. Fill out this form, deliver it to to the gym’s manager five business days before your next billing date, and get a receipt.

You can also cancel by mail if you log in on the LA Fitness website, print out the cancellation form, and fill it out. Then you can then mail it to PO Box 54170, Irvine, CA 92619-4170. You need to apply the postmark at least five business days before your next billing. Once you cancel, you can continue to use the gym for one month, since you paid the last month’s fees when you signed up. Canceling in person or via mail does not require any additional fee.

If you want to take a break from the gym without cancelling, you can login to your online account and click the “Freeze” button on the right-hand side of the screen. If you pay monthly, you will have to pay $10 a month while your membership is frozen. Or you will have to pay a $35 membership suspension fee if you pay in full.


LA Fitness makes it very quick and easy to cancel your membership without paying fees. People who do not want to get pressured into staying will find it easier to mail their LA Fitness cancellation form to the company instead of turning it in at the gym. Whether you mail in the cancellation or turn it in, just be sure to get a receipt from the gym or the post office. This will help you avoid accidental billing in the future. You can provide LA Fitness with feedback on their cancellation process by emailing them at