GoodLife Fitness has become the largest gym chain in Canada because they have huge facilities with a lot of equipment. Users can try traditional exercises, join classes, or get fit by swimming and playing sports at the gym. However, all these great advantages tend to come at a slightly higher price than usual. In our GoodLife Fitness deals and discounts guide, we will show you how to save money on your membership dues and amenities at the gym. We will share details about the special GoodLife Fitness deals available and show you how to redeem coupons for even more savings.

GoodLife Fitness Deals & Coupons

Whether you are a new member or a long time customer, GoodLife Fitness offers a lot of excellent deals and coupons. These discounts can help you to get cheaper memberships, free classes, or discounts on other services at GoodLife Fitness. The right deals could end up saving you up to $480 a year.

GoodLife Fitness Deals

Corporate Memberships – Many companies have special deals with GoodLife Fitness that let their employees pay much less for memberships. Depending on where you work, you can save up to 55 percent off your membership. In addition to discounted memberships, corporate membership deals provide additional programs, classes, and orientations. Check the corporate website to see if your company has a deal.

New Member Deal – New member deals can vary greatly depending on time and location. Most gyms at least offer a few weeks of free membership for people who have just signed up with GoodLife Fitness. Visit your local gym to see what deals they offer you.

Rewards Program Deals – Current members can join the GoodLife Rewards program to get special deals. When you pay for things at the gym, you can get special discounts that can be used to buy fitness gear and food.

GoodLife Fitness Coupons

GoodLife Fitness also occasionally offers limited coupons for people who would like to save even more on their gym fees. These coupons may only be available in a limited amount for a small period of time. To get them, you can regularly check popular Canadian coupon sites like AnyCodes, Groupon, or RedFlagDeals. Examples of great coupons include five free guest passes, a free class at the gym, or a discount on child care.

You can use these coupons by clicking the offer on the coupon website to reveal a special code. This code can then be entered on the GoodLife Fitness website to save money while paying your fees online. Keep in mind that some coupons may only be available at certain gyms.

Regular Costs of GoodLife Fitness Membership

Compared to other gyms, GoodLife Fitness is a little pricier, but it does have really great deals. Without the deals, members have to pay $59.99 a month or $720 a year for single club access, $69.99 a month or $840 a year for access to all regional clubs, and $79.99 a month or $960 a year for access to all clubs in Canada. However, with the right sorts of GoodLife Fitness deals, people can end up paying as low as $30 a month for a membership which helps to save a lot of money.