GoodLife Fitness is one of the oldest Canadian gym chains, and they are also the largest fitness company. With over 300 locations, GoodLife Fitness lets Canadians all over the nation improve their fitness. The gyms are known for having large gyms filled with a variety of amenities and exercise options, but some users find that the fees can be a little too high. If you want to cancel your membership at GoodLife, use this article to learn the steps for getting a GoodLife Fitness cancellation form. We will also walk you through the cancellation process and let you know what sort of fees you can expect.

GoodLife Fitness Overview

Each gym contains a variety of well-maintained cardio and strength training equipment. They have locker rooms and showers that provide members with fresh towels. GoodLife Fitness is normally a little pricier than other Canadian gyms because they provide extra amenities like pools and squash courts. You can read here more GoodLife Fitness reviews about their facilities and extra amenities. Members can also pay $20 a month to try out all the classes at GoodLife Fitness, or they can hire a personal trainer for individual assistance.

GoodLife Fitness Membership Fee

Fees at GoodLife may change a little depending on location, but all gyms offer the option of membership to a single club, all regional clubs, or all clubs in the nation. None of these memberships require an initiation fee, but you will have to pay monthly or yearly dues. Single club membership is $59.99 a month or $720 a year. Regional membership is $69.99 a month or $840 a year, and national membership is $79.99 a month or $960 a year.

GoodLife Fitness Cancellation Process

If you just want to temporarily avoid paying dues, you can call 1-800-387-2524 to put a freeze on your membership. This will let you stop paying dues for a few months and then start again. To actually cancel your membership, you will need to provide notice of cancellation at least thirty days before your next billing period. GoodLife lets you do this in person, over the phone, or over email.

To cancel in person, you just need to visit your club, talk to a staff member, and fill out their GoodLife Fitness cancellation form. Canceling over the phone will require you to call 1-800-387-2524 while canceling over email will require an email to your specific club. You will need to provide your name, membership number, the address of your club, phone number, and email address if you cancel over phone or email.

Keep in mind that you may need to pay a cancellation fee of $75 to $100 if you are canceling your membership sometime within the first year of your contract. Read your contract carefully because you may be able to avoid paying this fee if you are moving, injured, or dealing with any other situation mentioned in your contract.


As you can see, the cancellation process at GoodLife Fitness is normally very simple. Once you turn in your cancellation notice, the gym should stop charging you money within the acceptable amount of time. Make sure to hold on to a copy of your GoodLife Fitness cancellation form in case any billing errors occur though. What did you think of the GoodLife Fitness cancellation process? Comment below to share feedback with us!