Gold’s Gym was one of the first gym chains to spread throughout the United States, and they are endorsed by many popular bodybuilders. In modern times, they have over 700 locations. These locations all provide a wide range of classes and equipment, so Gold’s Gym has a reputation for being serious about fitness. In this article, we will provide you our own Gold’s Gym reviews of the gym’s locations, equipment, maintenance, locker rooms, and additional amenities. Keep reading to find out how Gold’s Gym measures up to other fitness chains.


Rating: 8/10

There are plenty of locations throughout the United States for members. They have at least one club in all states besides Wyoming, Nebraska, and South Dakota. Most of the gyms are concentrated along the western and eastern coasts. In addition to their locations in the United States, Gold’s Gym also has some locations in Europe, South America, Australia, the Middle East, and Japan. You can use the website’s gym locator to see if there is a Gold’s Gym near you.

Enrollment Costs & Fees

Rating: 9/10

Gold’s Gym prices are very affordable. Users pay a $25 initiation fee and then pay $25 a month or $300 a year for access to a single gym. If you want to attend multiple gyms, you can pay a $55 initiation fee and then pay $34 a month or $408 a year in membership dues. Though Gold’s Gym might be slightly pricier than budget fitness chains, the membership fees include a lot of helpful classes, top of the line equipment, and useful fitness programs. You can definitely get your money’s worth at Gold’s Gym.

Hygiene & Equipment Maintenance

Rating: 10/10

Gold’s Gym tries to attract weightlifters and bodybuilders by having the best equipment, so all of their machines are very well maintained. The gym contains plenty of free weights, squat racks, bench presses, and other machines. The cardio machines are also very modern and typically work properly. All the equipment in the gym is regularly cleaned by the gym’s maintenance personnel, and workout areas, locker rooms, showers, and bathrooms are very clean even during busy times. Most gym users report that members pick up after themselves, so messes do not collect in common areas.

Locker Room & Showers

Rating: 9/10

Gold’s gym has private locker and shower areas for their male and female customers. The lockers are generally secure, and there is plenty of space to get ready before and after your workout. Though they are not as luxurious and relaxing as some other gyms, the showers in Gold’s Gym are clean and functional. The gym provides soap, towels, and other hygiene products if needed. Staff is prompt about addressing any issues and restocking products.

Extra Amenities

Rating: 8/10

Gold’s Gym has a great variety of amenities for their customers. All gyms have free classes and training programs, and they also provide a free consultation with a trainer when you join the gym. These sorts of amenities help people to get serious about meeting their fitness goals. At many gyms, you also have access to juice bars, child care, and occasionally saunas. The only things the gym is lacking are pools and athletic courts.

Customer Service

Rating: 9/10

The customer service team at Gold’s Gym is easy to contact, and they quickly provide assistance when needed. Most users who encounter issues at the gym find that management staff is available and very helpful. The customer service of personal trainers and class teachers at Gold’s Gym is particularly excellent. Many people join Gold’s Gym just to have access to the knowledgeable teachers and trainers at these gyms.

Gold’s Gym Overview

Gold’s Gym may not be the most relaxing gym to attend, but they provide plenty of amenities and assistance for people who want to get fit. As long as you are not easily intimidated by weightlifters or dismayed by a lack of spa services, Gold’s Gym is an excellent option. As you surely already read in our Gold’s Gym reviews they have reasonable prices for their spacious and well-cleaned gyms, as well as lots of great classes and programs that make it easy to meet your health goals.

Location 8/10
Enrollment Costs & Fees 9/10
Hygiene & Equipment Maintenance 10/10
Locker Rooms & Showers 9/10
Extra Amenities 8/10
Customer Service 9/10
Overview 9/10