If you want to check out Gold’s Gym without signing up for a membership, their guest pass program can be very helpful. Getting a pass lets you see what it is like to exercise at your local gym, or you can use it to exercise at a Gold’s Gym while traveling. People who have friends at Gold’s Gym can even use the pass to workout with their friend. Our guide to the Gold’s Gym guest pass will show you how you can get one of these helpful passes and let you know if you need to pay for the pass.

Type of Guest Pass Guest Pass Length Guest Pass Age Requirements Guest Pass ID Required Credit Card Required
Trial Pass 1 day 18+ or 14 with a parent Yes No
VIP Trial Pass 7 days 18+ or 14 with a parent Yes No

How to Get the Gold’s Gym Guest Pass

Anyone can sign up for the Gold’s Gym basic trial pass on the company’s website. Certain locations may also offer a special VIP deal to guests of people who currently have a membership at the gym. The basic pass is free and good for a single day, and the VIP pass may cost $5 and is good for a week. Both types of pass require that the person signing up for them not be a gym member or Gold’s Gym guest in the past six months. Also, in case afterward you decide to become a member, check out our article and learn what are the Gold’s Gym prices you will need to pay.

Whether you get the basic or the VIP pass, you will need to start by filling out a form. This form will require you to select a gym, enter your personal information, and provide a contact phone number. Once you sign up, the gym will call or email you to let you know when you can pick up your pass. Some locations let you print out a pass online, while others will require you to visit the gym in person and fill out some forms first. When you use the pass, you will need to present your ID.

Gold’s Gym Guest Pass Benefits

Both the basic and VIP pass from Gold’s Gym let you access many great features at the gym.

  • A guided tour of the gym
  • Access to the Gold’s Gym group exercise classes
  • Usage of the treadmills, ellipticals, rowing machines, and other cardio equipment
  • Use of the many free weights and weightlifting machines
  • Childcare for an additional fee

Finally, you can check your location to see which types of guest passes are available to you. Depending on which gym you visit, you may be able to get longer passes or avoid paying fees even for the VIP pass.