Gold’s Gym started out as a single Californian fitness club, but endorsements from celebrity bodybuilders helped the gym to quickly grow. They currently have over 700 locations around the world. These locations are popular due to the wide range of equipment and training programs offered by Gold’s Gym. Despite its fame for being a great training gym, Gold’s Gym does have a reputation for making it hard for customers to cancel. In this article, we will walk you through the cancellation process at Gold’s Gym. You can find out how to get the Gold’s Gym cancellation form and if there are any cancellation fees, respectively how to avoid additional charges.

Gold’s Gym Overview

Gold’s Gym has a nice range of cardio equipment and weights, and they have televisions customers can use while working out. The Gold’s Gym prices and fees for a membership are slightly higher than some other chains, but the free classes and extensive training options are very helpful. The gym even has an app that monitors your progress and offers advice. In addition to the free group training, you can also pay personal trainers for extra help. The personal trainers at Gold’s Gym have a reputation for being very knowledgeable and helpful, but they primarily focus on helping with bodybuilding and strength training.

Gold’s Gym Membership Fee

Gold’s Gym has two basic membership tiers. You can pay $25 to join the basic program that gives you access to a single gym, or you pay a $55 initiation fee to join the premium program and get multi-gym access. The Basic membership has a $25 a month or $300 a year fee. The Premium membership has a $34 a month cost or a $408 a year cost. The exact membership prices and policies vary from gym to gym because each Gold’s Gym is independently owned. Most gyms require that you sign a contract committing to at least three months.

Gold’s Gym Cancellation Process

Before canceling, consider just freezing your membership. Gold’s Gym will let you temporarily halt paying membership fees if you provide a doctor’s note explaining that you are injured or unwell. The first step in canceling your membership will be to read your contract. This is helpful because each gym has their own cancellation policies.

You typically need to cancel your membership at least 30 days before you would like it to end. If you are still in the middle of a yearly contract, you may need to pay a cancellation fee of up to $90. They might waive this cancellation fee if you are injured, moving, or meet any other requirements in your contract.

Depending on your contract, you will need to provide written notice of cancellation either in person at the gym or through the mail. To provide notice in person, visit the gym, tell an employee you want to cancel your membership, and fill out the Gold’s Gym cancellation form they give you. To provide notice by mail, send a certified letter to the address in your contract. This letter should include your name, membership number, gym location, your desire to cancel, and your phone number.


There have been some issues with customers still getting bills after they cancel. Make sure to get a copy of your Gold’s Gym cancellation form with a signature of receipt and remove your credit card number from your Gold’s Gym account if possible. This will help to ensure that you do not pay extra bills to the gym. As long as everything goes well, you should be able to cancel your membership in under twenty minutes. Have you tried canceling a Gold’s Gym membership before? Leave a message below to let us know how it went!