If you have never been to Fitness 19 before, you can apply for a guest pass when you visit the gym. This will let you try out the gym’s equipment and consider the gym’s atmosphere before you commit to an actual contract. It can also be an easy way to save money and visit a Fitness 19 location while traveling or exercising with a friend. Our guide will share pricing information on the Fitness 19 guest pass with you and show you how to redeem the guest pass with the gym.

Type of Guest Pass Guest Pass Length Guest Pass Age Requirements Guest Pass ID Required  Credit Card Required 
Guest Pass 1 day 18+ or 12+ with a parent Yes No

How to Get the Fitness 19 Guest Pass

To get the Fitness 19 guest pass, you can visit their webpage and click the “free guest pass” button. This redirects you to a form where you can pick your desired location, enter your name, and provide contact details. Once you fill out the form, you will have 15 days to redeem your guest pass. You can collect the actual pass by visiting the Fitness 19 location specified in the email you will receive after filling out the form.

Keep in mind that these passes are only available to a person who has not been a member or guest at Fitness 19 in the past six months. When you go to collect your pass, you will need to provide a photo ID to get into the gym. You can also skip filling out the online form and simply visit the gym in person. Most locations will let you fill out a form there to access all the benefits of Fitness 19.

Fitness 19 Guest Pass Benefits

You will need to pay a few extra fees for the child care or personal training amenities at Fitness 19, but all other gym advantages will be available to people with a guest pass. Those who have a Fitness 19 pass get to enjoy these great benefits.

  • Cardio equipment with heart rate monitoring capabilities
  • Free weights, dumbbells, and other strength training items
  • Programs for young athletes and senior citizens
  • Spin, Zumba, pilates, and other cardio group classes
  • Boot camp, RIPPED, and other fitness programs

Depending on the location you visit, your Fitness 19 guest pass may also provide you with special Fitness 19 deals on a membership at this gym. Use the online Fitness 19 gym finder to see which fitness clubs are open near you.