A Fitness 19 membership includes access to high-quality cardio equipment and many fun group exercise programs. Customers can also pay some extra monthly fees to get personal trainers, childcare, and other helpful gym amenities. You can save money on all your Fitness 19 dues by taking advantage of some of the special Fitness 19 deals offered by this gym. In this article, we will let you know all about the great deals and discounts you can find at Fitness 19. Whether you are a longtime member or just thinking about joining the gym, these deals can be very helpful.

Fitness 19 Deals & Coupons

New members at Fitness 19 can end up saving as much as $170 a year if they take advantage of one of the special deals offered at Fitness 19. The exact price of discounts can vary a little depending on which gym you use, but all locations offer special sales and discounts at various times of the year.

Fitness 19 Deals

Family Add-On Specials – Fitness 19 prides itself on being a family gym, so they offer special deals for people who have a family member at the gym. Once one person gets a membership at Fitness 19, they can add other family members to the gym for a much lower cost. The exact cost can change from location to location, but family members can end up paying between $7 and $10 a month for their dues. The family add-on specials also lower initiation dues to $20.

Holiday Sales – During major holidays the gym normally lowers the Fitness 19 prices for new members. People who agree to a six month, one year, or two-year contract can get multi-club access for as low as $15 a month. Other holiday sales may include free personal training sessions or a few months of free childcare for new members.

Fitness 19 Coupons

Fitness 19 has some very useful coupons available through the internet. On popular coupon websites like RetailMeNot, Groupon, or Coupon Follow, gym members can get special coupon codes that let them save money at Fitness 19. For example, people who use a Groupon for Fitness 19 can get up to $160 off a six-month gym membership. Other coupons may provide discounts for childcare and other services at Fitness 19.

To use a coupon for Fitness 19, you typically have to redeem the offer through the coupon website. The website will then redirect you to Fitness 19 so you can pay for the rest of your purchase. Keep in mind that many coupons have a limited availability and a limited time. You will have to check coupon sites regularly to get the coupons before other people do, and you will need to use them before they expire.

Regular Costs of Fitness 19 Membership

If you do not get any deals at sign up, Fitness 19 will require an initiation fee of $49. The exact cost of dues will vary a little depending on location. On average, people with the single gym access plan need to pay $15 a month or $180 a year for their dues. Those who have the premium plan that gives access to all locations pay about $19 a month or $230 a year for their membership. This is already quite low for a gym membership, and the special deals offered by Fitness 19 make their prices even more competitive.