With only 90 locations, Crunch Fitness may be a smaller gym, but it still has a devoted following. The gym provides both standard exercise equipment and a lot of innovative and upbeat classes like pole dancing and dodgeball. To emphasize its reputation as a fun and accessible gym, Crunch Fitness has very affordable membership rates. Our guide to the Crunch Fitness prices will share all the details of this gym’s membership fees with you. We will let you know both the monthly and annual costs for using the gym and provide information on any other additional fees.

Program Name Initiation Fee Monthly Price (All Access) Monthly Price (Single Access) Annual Price
Base $9.95 $9.95 $9.95 $119.40
Peak $19.95 $239.40
Peak Plus $39.95 $479.4

Crunch Fitness Prices & Programs

All of the gym memberships include access to a free Camp Crunch Orientation, usage of the Crunch Online Nutrition Program, access to the Half Hour Circuit Training class, access to showers and locker rooms, and usage of the gym’s cardio and weightlifting machines. This means that even basic members get to use standard exercise equipment, get helpful nutritional advice, and consult with personal trainers about meeting their fitness goals. The Base program gives access to a single club, while the Peak and Peak Plus programs give multi-club access.

Peak members pay an extra $10 to enjoy group fitness classes, guest privileges, hydro massages, and tanning. If you are a Peak Plus member who pays $20 extra, you also get all the Peak benefits along with small group training. The specialty classes for Peak and Peak Plus members are particularly popular because they include unusual options like Aerial Training, Zumba, Body Sculpting, and Yoga. If desired, gym members can pay extra fees for additional amenities. Crunch personal trainers cost between $100 and $150 an hour.

Crunch Fitness Membership Info & Contact

To sign up for a Crunch Fitness membership, you can select join online or in person. Joining online will require you to fill out an online form, and joining at a gym will require you to fill out some papers and provide personal information. People who are 14 and over can join with a parent’s permission, or they can wait until they are 18 to join as a solo member. Payments for your gym membership can be made with a credit card on the company’s secure payment portal.

Gym membership costs in the company’s biggest locations, such as those in New York City, Miami, and Portland, may have slightly higher fees. In addition to your basic monthly fees, all gym members will also need to pay an annual maintenance fee of $49. Those who pay with AMEX or Diners cards also need to pay a debit fee of $2 for each payment.

If you have any other questions about the Crunch Fitness prices or the Crunch Fitness hours, you can use these methods to talk to the Crunch Fitness customer service team.

Info & Contact
Crunch Fitness Website https://www.crunch.com/
Crunch Fitness Working Hours 9 AM to 10 PM
Phone Number 800-547-1743
Facebook Page https://www.facebook.com/crunch/