Crunch Fitness is a chain of gyms located in big cities throughout the United States. Their gyms are popular because they offer an upbeat environment and unusual exercising methods. To see if Crunch Fitness lives up to its reputation for fun and creativity, use a guest pass to check out their gym. The Crunch Fitness guest pass lets you visit the gym and use all its amenities for free. Therefore, in this article, we will show you how to get a guest pass from Crunch Fitness and provide details on what fees and benefits are associated with these passes.

Type of Guest Pass Guest Pass Length Guest Pass Age Requirements Guest Pass ID Required Credit Card Required
Trial Pass 1 Day 18+ Yes No
Repeat Guest Pass 1 Day 18+ Yes No

How to Get the Crunch Fitness Guest Pass

To get the basic trial pass, all you need to do is go to the Crunch Fitness website. You will need to fill out this trial pass form with your location, name, and contact information. The gym nearest your location will then contact you with information about how to redeem your guest pass. Depending on the location, you may need to visit the gym and listen to a sales pitch before getting the pass. Or you may be able to just print it out from your computer.

People are typically only eligible for the basic trial pass if they have not been to a Crunch Fitness gym in the past few months. If you are a repeat visitor you will need to purchase a day pass at the gym. You can also get the repeat visitor pass for free if you go to the gym with a Peak or Peak plus member. These members are allowed to bring a guest with them when they visit the gym for no additional charge.

Crunch Fitness Guest Pass Benefits

The trial pass at Crunch Fitness provides more than just the Base membership benefits. You get to experience all of these things with the Trial or Repeat Visitor pass.

  • Exercise with free weights
  • Use cardio machines
  • Try out unusual classes
  • Lift weights on machines
  • Get a hydromassage
  • Try half hour circuit training

Whether you get a free trial pass or a purchased day pass, you get to enjoy all the great activities at Crunch Fitness. Depending on which location you visit, the repeat pass may be anywhere between $10 and $25. Finally, you can find a gym near you to get the Crunch Fitness hours and contact information and learn more about the Crunch Fitness guest pass.