Crunch Fitness does have quite affordable monthly rates, but if you are not using the gym, there is no reason to continue with your membership. The gym can make it a little difficult for users to cancel because they want to retain members whenever possible. If you are ready to cancel your membership with Crunch Fitness, this article will be very useful. We will provide an overview of the cancellation process, let you know what steps you need to take while canceling, how to get the Crunch Fitness cancellation form, and provide details about the costs of canceling.

Crunch Fitness Overview

With over 80 gyms located throughout 26 United States locations, Crunch Fitness is growing rapidly. This gym is becoming popular due to its cheerful and active reputation. They have plenty of cardio machines and weight lifting equipment, so users can get a full workout at any Crunch location. You can look at our more detailed Crunch Fitness reviews for more info. Also, for people thinking about joining they have the Crunch Fitness guest pass that anyone can access. Users can also choose to purchase an upgraded membership that gives them access to both large and small group classes. These classes tend to be unusual activities like aerial dancing or bicycling yoga, so they can make your workout interesting. Other add-ons include personal training, tanning, hydromassage, and special classes.

Crunch Fitness Membership Fee

When you join this gym you have to choose between different Crunch Fitness prices and membership types, that would be three different membership programs. The Base program provides single gym access and uses on all standard equipment for a $9.95 initiation fee and $9.95 a month or $119.40 per year. For multi-gym and studio class access, users can sign up for the Peak program that requires no initiation fee and a monthly cost of $19.95 or a yearly cost of $239.40. More amenities are in the Peak Plus program which has no initiation fee and a monthly cost of $39.95 or a yearly cost of $479.40. Also, look here for more Crunch Fitness deals and discounts

Crunch Fitness Cancellation Process

Anyone who cancels at the gym will need to provide a written notice and pay a $175 cancellation fee. If you cancel your membership before a year is up, you will also need to pay an extra $25 early cancellation fee. Read your contract because some of these fees may be waived if you are moving or injured.

The most basic way to cancel your membership will be to visit your gym and tell an employee you would like to cancel. Read more about the Crunch Fitness hours of operations in our article. Fill out the Crunch Fitness cancellation form and pay your last month of dues at least 30 days before you wish to stop using the gym. You will also need to turn in your membership card at this point. After that, you will get a temporary one for the next month.

To cancel via mail, you will need to send a certified letter to the address for your home gym. This letter must include your name, member number, your email address, a request to cancel, your signature, your birthday, the last four digits of your license, and the last four digits of your bank account. You will also need to fax a copy of this letter to ABC Financial at 501-992-0802.


As long as you have all your personal and gym membership information, canceling is quite easy. Filling out the Crunch Fitness cancellation form in person takes about ten minutes. If Crunch Fitness customer service tries to encourage you to stay, you can just politely repeat that you have already decided to cancel your membership. What do you think of the Crunch Fitness cancellation process? Leave a comment in our message area below to tell us more about your experience with Crunch Fitness.