Anytime Fitness locations are individually owned, so their exact services and features may vary a little. All locations still operate with the rigorous Anytime Fitness standards. Customers at any location get 24-hour access to the gyms 365 days a year. Also, there is plenty of exercise equipment and staff to help you meet your fitness goals. This Anytime Fitness reviews article will carefully go over all the features available at Anytime Fitness. We will examine the gyms’ hygiene reputation, amenities, costs, locations, and equipment to let you know what we think of Anytime Fitness.


Rating: 9/10

With over 3,000 locations, Anytime Fitness lets you easily find a gym near you. Big states like Texas and California tend to have the most gyms, but even smaller states with a tiny population have Anytime Fitness locations. The gym also has many clubs located throughout Europe, South America, the Caribbean, and Asia. To find a gym at one of the 20 countries with Lifetime Fitness locations, you can look up an address in the online gym locator. All locations are open constantly, making Anytime Fitness locations extremely convenient.

Enrollment Costs & Fees

Rating: 8/10

Anytime Fitness has a very simple membership plan that is easy to understand and decently affordable. People pay a $50 initiation fee regardless of program, and then they can choose to get a single or double user plan. The single plan is $34.99 a month on average while the dual membership is about $59.99. People can pay on a monthly basis or pay the annual cost of $407 for a single membership or $659 for a double membership. Though Anytime Fitness may be slightly pricier than some other gyms, it is still quite budget-friendly and provides multi-club access.

Hygiene & Equipment Maintenance

Rating: 8/10

Though each location is a franchise, Anytime Fitness still maintains high cleanliness standards. Equipment is regularly cleaned, and any messes are quickly removed. Both exercise areas and common areas like restrooms are typically clean. Most equipment at the gym is somewhat new, and it is in good working condition. However, there have been some issues with the brands of equipment commonly used at Anytime Fitness, so users find that the controls for the cardio machines break down. Though these sorts of problems are promptly fixed, it can still be inconvenient during hours when staff is not available.

Locker Room & Showers

Rating: 6/10

The 24-hour club schedule does result in less enjoyable locker rooms. For security reasons, most locations do not have a private locker area. Instead, you will need to store your items in a locker outside the restroom and shower area. The clubs do have private showers and restrooms, which are normally clean and safe, but it is difficult to access your locker contents from these areas. Also, amenities like soap and towels are normally not provided in the shower area.

Extra Amenities

Rating: 6/10

Anytime Fitness provides a rather basic gym experience with standard weights and equipment. Some locations may have helpful amenities like tanning and nutritional planning. Depending on your location, you might be able to sign up for yoga, Zumba, and other classes. However, the locations do not offer pools, basketball courts, or other athletic amenities available at most gyms in their price range. Another problem is that amenities change so much that you might lose certain amenities if you switch gyms.

Customer Service

Rating: 7/10

Because of the gym’s unusual hours, users report that customer service at Anytime Fitness can be a little hard to locate. Most gyms are 24 hours, but they only have staff on site for about 10 hours out of each day. If you exercise late at night, you may not be able to get in touch with any staff if you encounter a problem. However, when personal training, management, and maintenance staff are available, they are courteous, helpful, and professional.

Anytime Fitness Overview

Rating: 7/10

Due to its convenient hours, a wide number of locations, and good upkeep, Anytime Fitness can be a good choice for someone who just wants to stay in basic shape while working out at unusual hours. However, unavailable staff, a lack of amenities, and the lack of locker rooms may be unpleasant for people who want a more luxurious gym experience. We wanted through our Anytime Fitness reviews to show the fact that this is generally a solid gym, but it is not as entertaining or affordable as other fitness chains.

Location 9/10
Enrollment Costs & Fees 8/10
Hygiene & Equipment Maintenance 8/10
Locker Rooms & Showers 6/10
Extra Amenities 6/10
Customer Service 7/10
Overview 7/10