Anytime Fitness started out as a small chain of gyms, but their 24-hour policy allowed them to quickly expand to over 3,000 locations. If you are no longer taking advantage of Anytime Fitness’ extensive operating hours, the higher cost of their gym memberships may not be worth the price. This article will help you find out everything you need to know about their cancellation process and how to get an Anytime Fitness cancellation form. We will share details on all the fees you may face and let you know how to stop paying your membership dues for good.

Anytime Fitness Overview

Anytime Fitness is mostly popular due to their many convenient locations and their policy of letting members use the gym at any time day or night. The amenities, equipment, and pricing at Anytime Fitness is slightly below average when compared to other gyms. Each gym is independently owned, therefore some may not have the same services. Most Anytime Fitness gyms provide basic exercise equipment. Users can exercise on cardio machines, lift free weights, or try strength training machines. Many gyms also provide some group classes, such as yoga or spin, and some locations have tanning opportunities.

Anytime Fitness Membership Fee

Anytime Fitness’ fees are not excessively high, but they are a little on the pricey side for the types of amenities offered by the gym. There are two basic membership plans, for either a single user or a couple, and both allow users to access all Anytime Fitness locations. Users on both plans pay $49.99 in startup fees, and then a single user pays $34 per month or a dual membership pays $59 per month. This ends up costing $407 for a single membership or $659 for a double membership. You can read here more about the Anytime Fitness prices and membership.

Anytime Fitness Cancellation Process

To cancel your Anytime Fitness membership, you will need to visit the gym you signed up at during hours with staff available. You will then need to let the staff know you wish to cancel and provide a written notice by filling out the Anytime Fitness cancellation form. If you cancel before your membership period is up, you may need to pay a cancellation fee of anywhere between $40 and $60. Once you pay all the outstanding dues, turn in the form. Then you need to turn in your membership key, and after that, they will officially cancel your membership.

Because each gym is independently owned, their cancellation policies may vary slightly. Some gyms may let you mail in a cancellation form, while others will require you to visit the gym in person. You can find your gym’s contact information here if you want to ask them about their policies. Read your contract carefully to see how you can avoid paying a cancellation fee. You may be able to cancel without paying a fee if you move to an area without an Anytime Fitness. Or if you have a doctor’s note showing that your health prevents you from exercising, or even if you join the military.


Canceling in person at the gym normally takes no more than 15 minutes. Make sure you get a copy of your Anytime Fitness cancellation form with the employee’s signature on it at the end of the process. This will let you prove that you canceled, so you will not have difficulties if the gym accidentally charges your account after you cancel. Have you tried canceling an account at Anytime Fitness before? Comment below to share feedback on the Anytime Fitness cancellation form!