24 Hour Fitness has the largest number of gym memberships in the world due to their competitive pricing and convenient hours. Customers can pay a low cost to sign up for a month to month basis, or they can pay a larger lump sum to sign up for an annual plan and save money in the long run. In this 24 Hour Fitness prices guide, we will let you know how much each different pricing option costs and tell you more about signing up or paying your bill.

Program Name Initiation Fee Monthly Price (All Access) Monthly Price (Single Access) Annual Price
Keep Fit One-Club level $0.00  – $33.99 $407.88
All-Club Sport Level $0.00 $39.99 $479.88
All-Club Sport Level Premium $49.99 $29.99 $359.88
All-Club Super Sport Level $0.00 $59.99 $719.88
All-Club Super Sport Level Premium $74.99 $39.99 $479.88

24 Hour Fitness Prices & Programs

As you can see, 24 Hour Fitness prices give access to a lot of different membership levels. The basic “Keep Fit” option provides access to the strength machines, cardio machines, and free weights. The “Sport” level of membership gives all basic access, along with access to classes, additional fitness equipment, basketball courts, and a steam room. People can pay even more for the “Super Sport” level to get whirlpool, swimming pool, sports courts, and sauna access.

24 Hour Fitness also has personal trainers who can help you to work out. Their fees range from $30 to $150 an hour. To access the Kids Club service, you can either pay a fee for monthly use or pay $5 for a single use. If you want to save a little money, you can choose to either pay for several years in advance or join a friend or family’s membership. Payments for joining a gym with a family member who already has a membership are as low as S29.99 each month.

24 Hour Fitness Membership Info & Contact

24 Hour Fitness has over 400 locations, with most of their locations being in the northeastern parts of the United States, and you can visit any of these clubs to sign up as a member. You can also visit their website to join or get a free 24 Hour Fitness guest pass to try out the gym. People must be 18 years old or 12 years old with parental permission to join. Upon joining, customers will need to pay for at least their first and last month of gym use. Once you are a member, you have many payment options. You can pay online for a single month at a time, or you can go ahead and pay all your dues for the year when you sign up to save about $50.

You can find out more about 24 Hour Fitness membership with these contact methods.

Info & Contact
24 Hour Fitness Website https://www.24hourfitness.com
24 Hour Fitness Working Hours 6 AM to 6 PM on weekdays
Facebook Page https://www.facebook.com/24HourFitness
Phone Number 800.432.6348