24 Hour Fitness is the world’s largest fitness center with hundreds of locations throughout the United States, United Kingdom, and other countries. The gym is so popular because of their flexible hours and comprehensive selection of workout equipment. You can read more about their equipment and facilities in our 24 Hour Fitness reviews. As the name implies, 24 Hour Fitness tries to remain open constantly. This lets customers complete their workout whenever it is convenient. However, some situations may cause certain locations to close for part of the day. In this article, you can discover all the details about the 24 Hour Fitness hours of operation.

24 Hour Fitness Opening Hours

 Day  What Time Does 24 Hour Fitness Open? What Time Does 24 Hour Fitness Close?
Monday  Open 24 Hours  Open 24 Hours
Tuesday  Open 24 Hours  Open 24 Hours
Wednesday  Open 24 Hours  Open 24 Hours
Thursday  Open 24 Hours  Open 24 Hours
Friday  Open 24 Hours  Open 24 Hours
Saturday  Open 24 Hours  Open 24 Hours
Sunday  Open 24 Hours  Open 24 Hours

24 Hour Fitness Hours – Additional Details

24 Hour Fitness Kids Club Hours

Though the gym is open for all hours of the day, not every service in the gym is available for 24 hours. The babysitting services offered at the gym’s Kids Club are only available between 8 AM and 9 PM. Precise hours can change between locations. You can look up the hours for any gym on the 24 Hour Fitness gym locator.

24 Hour Fitness Holiday Hours

LA Fitness is open for at least part of the day on almost all holidays. However, they will shut down for Christmas to give the employees a break. On any holiday when they are not closed, the gym may shut down early. In circumstances where a gym closes, they will close between 2 PM and 6 PM on the day of a minor holiday, and they will reopen at 6 AM the next day.

24 Hour Fitness – Contact Info

If you want to discuss the 24 Hour Fitness hours with a member of the company’s customer service team, reach out to them through one of these convenient contact methods.

Contact Information
Official Website https://www.24hourfitness.com
Contact Form https://www.24hourfitness.com/contact_us/
Phone Number 800.432.6348
Address LA Fitness
P.O. Box 54170
Irvine, California 92619
Facebook Page https://www.facebook.com/24HourFitness
Twitter https://twitter.com/24HourFitness