Like the name implies, 24 Hour Fitness is a series of gyms that are open 24 hours a day. This has made them so popular with exercisers that they have the most number of memberships in the world. However, if you find that this chain of United States gyms is not right for you anymore, you can use our article to learn more about how to cancel your membership. We will show you how to access the 24 Hour Fitness cancellation form and provide information on cancellation fees. As well as help you overcome any issues that might occur during the cancellation process.

24 Hour Fitness Overview

The gyms all contain cardio and weightlifting equipment for standard exercise. While some locations also have pools, basketball courts, and racquetball courts. If you want a more guided approach to fitness, you can also take classes at the gym. 24 Hour Fitness classes are better than some other gyms since they have a nice range of cardio, dance, yoga, and weightlifting classes. The gym does employ personal trainers who can provide extra exercise help. These trainers are quite professional, but they may try to upsell people on training programs.

24 Hour Fitness Membership Fee

24 Hour Fitness’ most basic membership plan is the “Keep Fit” single club access that is $33.99 a month with no membership feel. There is also a “Sport” level that costs $39.99 a month to get multi-club and sports court access. Or users can pay $59.99 a month for “Super Sport” access that provides additional racquetball courts, swimming pools, and other amenities. In addition to these basic membership plans, users can also pay an initiation fee or slightly higher monthly costs to get access to special services like babysitting, additional classes, or trainers. You can look at our article and check out the rest of the 24 Hour Fitness prices and membership types.

24 Hour Fitness Cancellation Process

Depending on your type of membership, you may have some different cancellation opportunities. Within three days of purchasing a membership, you can change your mind. If you do, notify the gym of your desire to cancel, and your membership will be refunded. If you have a basic monthly membership, you can provide cancellation notice at any time. This will stop all future payments, but since you paid for the last month of membership while signing up, you can keep using 24 Hour Fitness for one more month.

If you prepaid for your membership as part of the commitment deal, you cannot cancel until the commitment period is finished, and there are no refund opportunities. The only exception to this is if you have experienced military deployment, disability, relocation, or other events specified in your membership.

To notify the gym, you can provide notice in person or over the phone. The membership cancellation line is available from 6 AM to 6 PM weekdays at 866.308.8179. To cancel in person, visit your gym, ask to speak to a manager, and fill out the required 24 Hour Fitness cancellation form. Going to the gym is normally quicker because the customer service line is often busy.


Though the process using the 24 Hour Fitness cancellation form seems relatively simple, keep in mind that most user complaints about the gym are due to their cancellation process. The gym may continue to charge you after you think you have canceled with them. Therefore, you will need to check your credit card account or bank statement to make sure you are not continuing to receive charges. Have you tried to cancel a membership at 24 Hour Fitness before? Comment below to let us know how it went for you!