Planet Fitness is known for providing a “Judgement Free Zone”. Here people new to exercise can learn to get fit without being intimidated by professional athletes and bodybuilders. Since this style of the gym has proven so popular now Planet Fitness is one of the fastest growing gyms with over 1,400 locations. You can read more in our reviews about the amenities and facilities at this gym. This article will help you figure out when your preferred location opens and closes. Moreover, we will share details about the gym’s normal schedule. As well as show you how holidays or other circumstances can change Planet Fitness hours.

Planet Fitness Opening Hours

 Day  What Time Does 24 Hour Fitness Open? What Time Does 24 Hour Fitness Close?
Monday Open 24 Hours  Open 24 Hours
Tuesday  Open 24 Hours  Open 24 Hours
Wednesday  Open 24 Hours  Open 24 Hours
Thursday  Open 24 Hours  Open 24 Hours
Friday 12 AM 9 PM
Saturday 7 AM 7 PM
Sunday 7 AM 7 PM

Planet Fitness Hours – Additional Details

Individual Location Hours

Though most gyms use this schedule, busier gyms in big cities may be open 24 hours on every day of the week. Gyms in very rural areas without a lot of late night customers may close by 9 PM every night of the week. So, if you want to find the hours for any specific gym, you can look up its address in the Planet Fitness gym finder.

Planet Fitness Holiday Hours

The gym is open for most holidays, but it will close for Christmas Day. On other holidays, gyms may choose to close in the afternoon. They will reopen the next day at either their regularly scheduled time or 5 AM if the next day is normally a 24 Hour day.

Planet Fitness – Contact Info

Finally, if you have any other questions about Planet Fitness Hours, use these contact methods to get in touch with a member of the gym’s customer service team.

Contact Information
Official Website
Contact Form
Phone Number 1 (603) 750-0001
Address Planet Fitness
Hampton, New Hampshire 03801
United States
Facebook Page