At GoodLife Fitness, customers have a lot of excellent exercise equipment and fitness classes to choose from. Each location has plenty of great amenities, and they are often open until late at night. All the benefits of GoodLife Fitness have helped this once small chain to become the largest fitness club company in Canada. If you are wondering how GoodLife Fitness measures up to other gyms, look no further. Our GoodLife Fitness reviews will carefully consider the costs, amenities, cleanliness, customer service, and convenience of GoodLife Fitness to let you know how the gym compares to others.


Rating: 9/10

GoodLife Fitness may not have many locations outside of Canada, but as long as you live in Canada, they have plenty of convenient gyms to choose from. Many of their gyms are open 24 hours a day, and the others all have very convenient schedules, here you can read more about their hours and contact info. GoodLife Fitness locations are typically spacious and nicely organized, so it makes your visit very pleasant. The company has over 300 gyms, and they even have a few women-only locations.

Enrollment Costs & Fees

Rating: 8/10

Membership costs at GoodLife Fitness are somewhat expensive, but at least they do not have initiation fees or other unpleasant enrollment costs. Once you sign up, you just have to pay your dues. The cost is $59.99 a month to just use a single gym, $69.99 for all regional gyms, or $79.99 a month to use any GoodLife location. Some deals like getting the first two weeks of your membership free are nice, but GoodLife Fitness still has a much higher price than other gyms in Canada because they have so many amenities.

Hygiene & Equipment Maintenance

Rating: 9/10

Our GoodLife Fitness reviews want to highlight that the slightly higher costs for membership at GoodLife do have some benefits since the gym has such an excellent maintenance staff. Even though the gyms are huge, every area is cleaned regularly. The exercise area, swimming pools, bathrooms, and locker room areas are routinely sanitized, and messes are picked up promptly. They also offer sweat towels, so members can wipe down equipment after use. The equipment is mostly modern gym equipment, and items that break down are quickly fixed. Equipment includes power racks, squat racks, bicycles, rowing machines, and plenty of other great exercising options.

Locker Room & Showers

Rating: 9/10

GoodLife Fitness has very spacious locker rooms with wide lockers and several benches. Some gyms also have a special “executive locker room” available to those who pay an extra fee. This can be a great way to get a more luxurious experience if you desire it. In the shower area, customers have access to soap and towels if needed. Some users feel that the shower curtains are a little too thin, but the shower areas are still decently private.

Extra Amenities

Rating: 10/10

Whether you want a serious workout or a relaxing gym experience, GoodLife Fitness has excellent amenities. They have tanning beds, pools, and child care for people who prefer luxurious amenities. There are also a lot of squash courts and aquatic classes for those who want more variety in their workout. Amenities also include a lot of nutrition and training programs for people who want help meeting their fitness goals.

Customer Service

Rating: 9/10

A large number of customers does mean that some people experience a bit of a wait while trying to get help from GoodLife Fitness customer service. However, customer service is present during most business hours, and they are very friendly and helpful when you get in touch with them. Whether you are having trouble with a billing issue or a rude person in the locker room, GoodLife Fitness customer service will promptly take steps to address your problem.


We hope our GoodLife Fitness reviews showed you that this gym is generally a very enjoyable gym. They have a huge variety of classes to pick from if you want to exercise with a group, or you can work out alone on their modern and effective equipment. For most people, the only downsides to GoodLife Fitness are their busy gyms and their somewhat high fees. Paying a little more does let you enjoy a very luxurious gym, so many people feel like GoodLife Fitness is worth the cost.

Location 9/10
Enrollment Costs & Fees 8/10
Hygiene & Equipment Maintenance 9/10
Locker Rooms & Showers 9/10
Extra Amenities 10/10
Customer Service 9/10
Overview 9/10