Gold’s Gym is a chain of fitness clubs that focuses on weightlifting and bodybuilding. Depending on location and membership type, Gold’s Gym prices usually range between $25 and $40 a month. Their membership always comes with great classes, training programs, nutritional advice, and equipment access, so it is easier to reach your fitness goals. If you want all these advantages without paying a premium price, you should look around for special Gold’s Gym deals. This article will help you to find special discounts and coupons that can lower the price of your Gold’s Gym fees.

Gold’s Gym Deals & Coupons

Most of the deals at Gold’s Gym focus on attracting new members. The company often provides great discounts for new people who are just signing up. Once you are a member of the gym, you can continue to save money by referring others or using certain coupons. With the right types of deals, you could save anywhere from $50 to $360 on your Gold’s Gym membership.

Gold’s Gym Deals

New Member Deals – Gold’s Gym may not advertise special deals, but employees are generally authorized to lower the price if a potential customer does not seem too interested in buying a membership. The exact discount will vary, but many new users find that they can get fees as low as $20 a month. As an added bonus, some facilities will let you get the first months for free if you sign up for a two-year contract.

Holiday Deals – During holidays, many Gold’s Gym locations will waive enrollment fees. These special deals occur around Christmas and New Year’s Eve, and they can be a great way to save money while signing up.

Referral Deal – If you refer people to join, the Gold’s referral program will let you earn points. You can use these points to pay membership dues in order to save money with each friend or family member you refer.

Gold’s Gym Coupons

Gold’s Gym may not typically have group memberships, but Groupon lets you use special coupons to sign up as a group. These types of coupons make it more affordable for families or groups of friends to join the gym. You can also find helpful coupons at RetailMeNot, Coupon Cabin, and other popular coupon websites. These coupons let you save money on purchases for food, training, or workout gear at Gold’s Gym. However, they are normally only offered for a limited time.

Gold’s Gym also provides coupons to their members occasionally. Many locations provide people with a 10% off online purchases coupon when the members sign up for the Gold’s Gym email list. While other locations provide a coupon on a user’s birthday. However, you must use these types of coupons promptly, or they will expire.

Regular Costs of Gold’s Gym Membership 

If you do not have any special Gold’sGym deals, you will need to pay a $25 initiation fee for the Basic membership or a $55 fee for the Premium membership. Basic members get single gym access by paying $25 a month or $300 a year. Premium members can use any of the Gold’s Gym locations for $34 a month or $408 per year. This is a little higher than some other gyms, but membership fees at Gold’s Gym are still quite reasonable if you compare them to other fitness companies. With the use of a special deal, your membership can end up being extremely cheap.